Canyon Road Fireside Chat

Artist Series


Friday, December 3rd, 2021 from 4pm – 7pm

 Come meet our artists!

I am quite pleased to announce the first ever “Canyon Road Fireside Chat Artist Series”! This gentle and intimate event will take place on Friday, December 3rd, from 4pm - 7pm. Each gallery will host an artist or two. Bonfires and Farolitos will variously mark the participating galleries. There will be libations, perhaps s’mores or music, as each gallery sees fit to make their participation unique.

What we love about the Canyon Road Fireside Chat Artist Series: We are heralding the Winter solstice and holiday season with the celebration of art. We are uniting the galleries of Canyon Road through this seasonal celebration of who we are as a district. We are highlighting the wonder of the season with specific artist’s visions. We are recalling the simple pleasures of walking up a farolito-lined pathway, or a camp side chat with a warm fire and libations.

The list of galleries for this year is small but compacted into the mid-section of Canyon Road for easy walking. This will be a most perfect occasion to stroll up the 600-700 blocks as people head off to the top-notch restaurants.

GF Contemporary, 707 Canyon Road.

Giaccobe-Fritz Fine Art, 702 Canyon Road.

Winterowd Gallery, 701 Canyon Road.

Canyon Road Contemporary Art, 622 Canyon Road.

Kay Contemporary, 600 Canyon Road.


Canyon Road has long been a premier destination not only for its concentration of art galleries (about 80 at last count), but also for its beauty and history. The district is beautifully preserved with adobe buildings and walls, old-growth trees, and historic landmarks as it winds itself up the canyon to the Sangre de Cristo mountains.The Canyon Road Fireside Chat Artist Series brings together art, history, beauty and the unmatched beauty of the Sangres in Winter for two lovely hours.

Kathleen McCloud Fire Sets the Seed, 2021Kathleen McCloud, Fire Sets the Seed, 2021



"My paintings, print-based paper constructions and collages are open ended narratives where current events, history and mythology converge. In 2016 during a water rights themed residency at the Santa Fe Arti Institute, I focused on environmental issues on the lower Santa Fe River which flows by my home in La Cieneguilla. it was then that I realized that the river, the cottonwoods and the layered history of the place I call home is a microcosm of the complexity and challenges of life on earth at this time.

I am working with what is rooted, what is uncertain, patterns of connection and the chaos that accompanies change. It is an epic narrative that restores me to the web of life and cycles back out into the world in the form of mixed media art works." -Kathleen McCloud

Rebecca Haines A Smattering of MagicRebecca Haines, A Smattering of Magic


Rebecca Haines (born Wyoming, 1968) received an A.A. from Colorado Institute of Art in 1991, and a B.F.A. from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 2000. She spent more than 15 years working as the director of galleries in Colorado, California, and New Mexico, and now works as a professional artist full-time. Haines is represented by galleries in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Santa Fe, New Mexico. She mixes oil paint and grease markers to shape her dream-like and highly spiritual fauna on wood surfaces, using mark-making and abstract color choices to represent the animal’s essence. Rebecca Haines currently lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Nov. 2021

We are excited to announce that the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) has acquired Mark Mulhern’s painting, October Gathering, that celebrates a beautiful fall gathering. This painting is part of Mark Mulhern’s “Gatherings,” a series of parties enjoyed in the garden. 

As you know Mark Mulhern is new to the GF Contemporary family and we are thrilled to share this wonderful news with you.


by Kathleen McCloud

Opens June 2021

Now representing Jeff Metz

Jeff Metz just joined our gallery. His works are now on display at GF Contemporary
stop by to see them before they're sold! In the meantime, enjoy these images.

Jeff Metz Serpentine, 2021 Indiana limestone 12 x 17 x 11 in $8,000


Michael Hudock's work featured at Albuquerque Museum

Michael Hudock, an abstract artist whose work focuses on the pulsing urban environment, will exhibit his paintings at the 27th Annual ArtsThrive Fundraiser for the Albuquerque Museum. Michael, along with numerous other artists in 3D, large-scale works, and jewelry, will participate in this art exhibition and benefit. To support this event, visit the Albuquerque Museum's website.

See all of Michael Hudock's available work here.


Museum Show featuring Brian Singer

Artist and designer Brian Singer is featured in a group show at the Museum of Design in Atlanta, Georgia. This exhibition, titled Text Me: How We Live in Language runs from September 17, 2017 - February 4, 2018. Brian's work, which heavily relies on the written word and how it can be interpreted, is meticulously crafted to express color, shape, movement, and space.

Text Me focuses on how "the individual component of language—text—is the prime vehicle used to express the experiences of our existence—from minor moments of daily life to the grand nature of the human condition. Our ancestors as far back as the cave man have been using symbols to document and record experiences.

"Today, the visualization of our personal stories is an integral and essential part of nearly every moment of life, and we use text in all of its forms to define reality, emotions and even time itself. We are now living in a world wherein the condition of our visual communication reflects the condition of our culture. This exhibition is an attempt to organize, express, translate and reflect both how we live in language and how language now defines our lives." Further information about the exhibit can be found on the MODA website.

See all of Brian's available works here.