Q&A With Lola

What is the overarching concept behind your new exhibition "Nothing is Going as Planned, but Everything is as it’s Supposed to Be"?


After creating over 100 pieces in 2022, I started noticing a pattern. I realized I am constantly building and breaking down my work. For this exhibit, with each piece, I allowed the intuitive process to guide me. There wasn’t a plan but rather a dialogue between me and each individual piece. The conversation was organic and without intent. I loved this wonderful flow. At times, it was challenging but I’m always up for a challenge. The harder the work, the better the piece. At least, that has been my experience. 

How do you approach your creative process when working with resin?


It always begins with a color. Is blue speaking to me? Or is it orange…Whichever color it is, it’s how I approach the process

What inspires your personal journey of self-discovery and exploration through your artwork?


Can you imagine living a life where every day you could pursue your passions? This is my life. I am passionate about raising my daughter, my studio practice and training/competing Strongman. My career as an artist affords me this luxury. My life inspires my work, and my work inspires my life. The two feed off each other. 


What kind of experience do you hope viewers will have while engaging with your new collection?


My work is not conceptual. My work is beautiful. I want the viewer to see beauty and with that, feel joy. I am an inherently joyful person. It is a gift and one I want to share. 

What creative avenues and materials are you interested in exploring in the future?


Recently, it occurred to me, my daughter will be off to college in 5 years and I will have more time to pursue other interests. After giving it some thought, 2 ideas came to mind. The first, learning how to use oil paints to create abstractions. Although I lack all knowledge of this medium, as a colorist, I’ve always been drawn to the saturation. Both resin and oils take an incredible amount of patience. They both have substantial drying times. I like the idea of having the space, while drying, to consider the next layer.


I am a woman of Strongmen. Sculpting the body is a creative endeavor. It takes time, knowledge, patience and perseverance. Over this past year, I started to train a friend. I had no idea the great satisfaction it would bring, nor the fact I’d be great at it. With that, I have begun to prepare for multiple weightlifting certifications. In a few years, in addition to art, I plan to become a lifting coach. One may not see the relation between art and fitness, but I live it every day and it keeps me balanced.