Upcoming: Kathleen McCloud - Song of Gloria Mundi

Title: Song of Gloria Mundi


This body of work is a bow to earth and sky and a song of praise for Flora Fauna and Fungi. It has developed over the last two years as I’ve focused on plants, from seed to harvest and the colorful pigments they give. The plants and fungi became a guide in my artwork, which built upon my experience with indigo plants and the sky-blue shades of a fresh leaf dye bath I was introduced to 11 years ago.  


The fabric collages and assemblages in this body of work are the results of my growing relationship with where I live and my work history as a writer and textile restorer. Botanical pigment dyes from homegrown indigo, sunflower, chamisa and a variety of mushrooms that popped up around my house during summer rains in 2022, set the palette for the monotypes, woodcut, linocut, photocollage and paintings in this exhibit. 


Grounded and gearing up for the multiverse at the same time is Gloria Mundi herself, the voice of Fauna in this exhibit. Both duende and muse, she is the shape shifter who has appeared in earlier art projects. She’s returned. Together with Flora and Fungi, they sing the colorful world into being, here now and everywhere all at once.