Past: Kathleen McCloud - Song of Gloria Mundi

Kathleen McCloud New body of work
Title: Song of Gloria Mundi


The fabric collages and assemblages in McCloud’s new body of work are the result of her
growing relationship over the last two years with her home and the trees and plants that she’s
lived with for over 33 years. Her recent focus on botanical pigments, cultivating dye plants from
seed to harvest for the colorful pigments they give, draws upon her experience as a weaver and
textile restorer in the 1980’s.
Dye from homegrown indigo and sunflower, along with wild chamisa and a variety of pop-up
mushrooms, set the palette for the monotypes, woodcut, linocut, photocollage and paintings in
this exhibit. McCloud’s exploration of media is her way of hitting the notes of ‘Gloria Mundi’ -
the glorious, life force that sings the world into being.