Past: Gigi Mills / Magpie



Gigi Mills’ 8th solo show at GF Contemporary, Magpie, embraces the moment of fascination within ethereal imagery. As the show title implies magpies have the ability to use tools, imitate human speech, and work together as a team. Gigi Mills channels her inner magpie through personal experiences into her painting with several layers of underpainting. She connects with her paintings by scratching the surface that contribute to the emotive qualities found within her work. Mills simplifies the moment she captures through emphasizing both space and time. Like the magpie, who can also symbolize the mysterious, Gigi Mills leaves the interpretation to the viewer.


Gigi Mills states, “I am influenced by beauty. ­Both the human experience and our connection with nature are influential to my work. Magpie’s are associated with intelligence, prophecy, divination, communication, creativity, and adaptability.”

Mills’ brings these components to life in her show using her observations of nature and attraction to the elements.